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What is this all about?
Having a fun relaxing time! This is not your typical painting class. You came here to have a great time, and we let it be that way. There will be a painting that your friendly instructor will help the group create, but if you want, you can paint a different one! Also, feel free to add your own details and your own personal touch to the painting. This is not a class, but a fun workshop.

Can I drop off my kids here?
Depends how old the kid is and what activity it is. Kids under the age of twelve come with their parents to family paint. However, at teenager painting nights for teens 13 and above have to option of being dropped off or coming with family.

What does the fee include?
The fee includes your canvas, paint, and the high quality instruction.

How much experience do I need?
Doesn’t matter! You can be a first timer or a professional. Experience isn't necessary.

What Should I Wear?
Wear clothing that you wouldn’t mind getting a bit messy because even though aprons are provided, acrylic paint spreads and permanently stains.

How do the activities for each age group differ?
We have three types of painting activities - family paint, teenager paint, and adult night. Family paint is a great activity for kids with their parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents. Teenager paint is a fun night for kids thirteen and above to have fun with their friends and eat a lot of food as they create art. Teenagers may also come with their parents. At adult painting night adults, with or without experience (don't be shy, first timers!), paint together.

What is on the menu?
We'll have snacks, fruit, and veggies all the time.

What is your cancellation policy?
We’re pretty flexible, only twenty-four hours.

Can I host a party here?
Yes!! This is a wonderful place to party! You can reserve a party and pick your painting. We welcome all - friends, co-workers, family - bring them all in!!

What is your allergy policy?
We take allergies very seriously, so please tell us if anyone in your party has an allergy when you register.